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Before Purchase

Q: How to flip the blade and curtana image? 

1—Mount the camera upside down.
2—Unplug the camera from power and usb ports. Then replug both power and USB back in ensuring a power reboot.
3— You will find the image is now facing the correct position.

Q: How long will the delivery time be?
A: Once an order been made and payment been confirmed, the delivery will be arranged within 24 hours.
Q: What is the shipment method?
A: All of our products is shipped by International Air Express , the fastest and safest way.
Q: What`s in the Saber box?
 A: The box contains the Saber, a power adapter, two power supply plug(one UK standard and one EU standard), a RS232 cable, a USB 3.0 cable, a DVI to HDMI adapter, a remote control and two cleaning clothes.
Q: Is the Saber compatible both with Mac and Windows?
 A: The Saber is running smoothly with either Mac or under Windows system.
Q: How the Saber works?
 A: The Saber has DVI and USB3.0 port on the back, so it can be directly connected with 

Q: Does the Saber support dual signal output ?
A: Yes, you can use a DVI to HDMI adapter and a HDMI cable connect with a HDMI TV while use USB3.0 cable connect with a computer, then you will have two displays, one on the TV and the other on the computer screen.

Q: Except remote control and RS232, is there other controlling method?
A: Yes, We developed a software called NECC( near-end-camera-control), which can be used to control the camera on computer screen.

Q: Does the Saber support Up-Side-Down install?
A: Yes, the saber has the function of Flip and mirror, which could enable the up-side-down installment.

Q: When I use the Saber, is there any privacy protection ?
A: Yes, when you are in a video conference and there is a break during the meeting, you can kick the VIDEO MUTE key to let the Saber stand by, when the meeting resumed, kick the VIDEO MUTE key again to quick start the Saber.

After Purchase
Q: What should I do when I received the Saber?
A: When the Saber is received , please check whether the box is intact or not, and  the contents is complete or some parts are missing. If either of the above happened please contact us for solution.
Q: What if the USB extension cable is not long enough?
A: The USB3.0 cable in box is 10 ft. If you find it does not satisfy you need, we have 30-100 ft long USB extension cable for extra purchase.
Q: How can I fix the camera on the wall or the ceiling?
A: We produced a Wall Mount which is a perfect solution for such need, please contact our sales staff to buy that Wall Mount.
Q: I find my camera doesn`t work, What should I do?
A: Please at first check whether the serial connection is correct and power is on, if it is still does not work properly, please refer our warranty policy for repair.

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